A Dream Wedding- Guaranteed

Every couple that looks forward to a beautiful and long-lasting future dreams of an amazing wedding to help celebrate their love, their relationship, share their story, and share the celebration of their union with all their family and friends. Many couples even dream of having a beautiful, big, white wedding. In order for this to happen, the couple needs to put lots of effort and care into the planning of this beautiful grand wedding, as well as ensuring that even the smallest details are accounted for. So how can we make this job easier and less stressful, and make the day of the celebration that little bit more special? We find a reliable and trustworthy catering company to help ease the tension and provide a second set of eyes on all the necessary details.

Planning a wedding in Cape Town is a dream for so many couples. Why? Because of Cape Town’s beautiful beaches and ocean air, the beautiful climate, and the numerous variety of locations to choose from to really create a dream wedding. The only problem is, there are many Catering companies in Cape Town to choose from. So how do you decide on which company really understands your visions, your creative touch, and can carry forth your dreams into reality?

Deciding on a catering company in Cape Town can be really time-consuming and stressful when you don’t have any references on a company reliable enough to provide you with the helping hand you need to really make your day special and memorable.

So if you’re looking for a company that is reliable, trustworthy and could really provide a helping hand in making all the details of your perfect wedding day come true, then look into Out of This Planet Catering.

Not only has Out of This Planet Catering created a standard and name for themselves in Private Party Catering, but they have especially built up and supported a high standard and a grand name for themselves as one of the best in Wedding Catering in Cape Town, due to their high attention to detail and their precision in understanding their clients’ specifications to really come through and help provide the couple with the amazing day that they desire.

Out of this Planet Catering has provided their clients with unique Wedding Catering services in Cape Town, and have helped tremendously with planning, food, decorations, table setting, and in general, ensuring that the couple has a second set of hands to carry on their same enthusiasm and care in planning a memorable wedding for all their family and friends to enjoy. Out of this Planet Catering understands the stress that wedding planning could put couples through, especially when planning a big wedding. They are compassionate to their clients’ interests and needs to ensure that everything is handled with the care and delicacy that this special day deserves.

If you’re looking for a genuinely trustworthy company to help carry forth your dreams and help you plan and create a fairy-tale wedding, where the couple really does feel taken care of, like royalty, then Out of This Planet Catering is the company for you. Not only will they come through for you, not letting any detail slide, but they also have years of experience to back their work up. And one last surprise that Out of this Planet Catering provides for their clients is their affordability and cost-effective services, to help their clients experience their dream wedding and still have money left over to plan an amazing honeymoon.


Out of this Planet Catering


‘With over 10 years of experience with regards to catering for events’