The Difference Between the Requirements of Different Events to Make Them a True Success

There are several key differences between the requirements and planning necessary for different events, say wedding catering and private party catering. These differences are namely menu options, locations, as well as standards and levels of formality. It requires a knowledgeable and skilled catering company to know the differences, to be able t spot the details, and as a result of that, provide the best possible service to the demands and requirements of the event and the clients sponsoring it.

From a wide selection of catering companies in Cape Town, there are only a few that really are highly knowledgeable and skilled in understanding their clients’ demands and visions for a particular event, as well as distinguish between the type of event expected, and finally to act on those boundaries and formalities with great care and efficiency. One such catering company in Cape Town, with over 10 years if experience, employing a highly trained and skilled tea, and carrying out tasks with the outmost precision and perfection is Out of This Planet Catering.

Out of This Planet Catering pride themselves on their abilities to pick up on details of their clients’ specifications and thoroughly hear out their visions, helping them plan out the best potential event that they desire. They pinpoint the formality of the events as well as the expectations of clients for these specific and unique events, and afterwards Out of This Planet Catering drives their team to provide the highest standard of catering for the event at the most efficient rate possible in order to provide their clients with the day/celebration they deserve, where no detail is left unattended.

Out of This Planet Catering go through great lengths to ensure that their clients expectations and hopes for an event are met through their attention to differences in the event desired, whether wedding catering in Cape Town or private party catering, which could ultimately be a corporate event. There is a big difference between the 2, so in preparation for that, Out of This Planet Catering have prepared menus, and several options of those menus, to provide at the different events, therefore maintaining continuity of formality that gives the events the respect they wish to covey and meet the expectations that clients approach the catering company in Cape Town with. There’s a large difference between the menu options that are being put forth to clients to choose from for the different events. For example, a private party catering event, such as corporate events, may have servings of platters or more sophisticated meals, whilst a menu for a wedding, depending on the cultural standards of the couple, will contain mostly finger foods or foods that will be quite fast and easy to eat or carry around, as weddings are usually quite active events where guests move around the room a lot. Factors such as these have to be considered and known to a catering company in preparation for the event, so that the event is harmony with the atmosphere and the guests that arrive to it.

One more key difference between a highly knowledgeable and high standard catering company, and a sub-standard catering company in Cape Town is the difference between venues and locations where these events could possibly take place. This is a large factor that catering companies have to consider in preparation for an event, as this will determine the size of plates, number of waiters, amounts of food to be prepared and so on. This is rather important in preparation for an event to prevent any foot traffic and provide guests with enough space to keep the atmosphere of the event maintained through the duration of it. This prepares a catering company to make the planning and arrangements necessary to allow the event to proceed accordingly, in alliance with the expectations of the clients for it.

Out of This Planet catering is one of the most skilled catering companies in Cape Town, who has the ability to know the difference between different events and parties, and prepare for them accordingly to provide you not only with the best possible day, but also with the top notch catering that they pride themselves on from years of experience.


Out of this Planet Catering

‘With over 10 years of experience with regards to catering for events’